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One of the duplexes on Kelton discussed by Sam Hall Kaplan on KCRW. Photo by Ken Lee.



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The City of Los Angeles also has an opportunity to preserve a distinctive landmark on its waning West Side, and in doing so, and more importantly, preserving the remnants of one California's more noteworthy planning and design efforts.

Lending Kelton Avenue south of Santa Monica Boulevard scale, character and a sense of history are three Spanish Mediterranean styled duplex apartment buildings (on the 1800 block of Kelton).  They were  developed in the late 1920s by the Janss Company as part of its master plan for Westwood out of which grew UCLA.

The duplexes are currently up for landmark designation before the city's Cultural Affairs Commission. The hope in the neighborhood, and here, is that the designation would block their demolition, and encourage the owner to save them, or sell them to someone who will.

What the neighborhood doesn't want, and what the neighborhood doesn't need, is the duplexes to be replaced by another four story boxy apartment building, which the owner has indicated it wants to build.

These mid block monstrosities are bad enough, destroying the scale of streetscapes, but here it also will destroy a piece of L.A.'s history.

This is the City Observed, and I'm Sam Hall Kaplan, for KCRW.


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