Historical Preservation
Kelton Homes Now (September 2009)

In September 2009, Lisa and I visited the Kelton homes, where many of the same people who battled for historical preservation still live.  The homes were beautiful.  We felt proud that we played a role in preserving these cultural monuments. A plaque from the Cultural Heritage Commission of Los Angeles now exists as you enter one of the homes indicating its status as a historic cultural monument, a testament to architect Allen Siple.  Photo by Ken Lee.

The Allen Siple home is now owned by Gary and Kia.  As it is a historical monument, it has been refurbished with specially made materials to match the tiles and work originally done by Janss Development in 1929. Photo by Ken Lee.

A farmhouse across the street, the first home built on Kelton Avenue, has been purchased by developers with the intent of tearing it down to build condos.  The battle to preserve our cultural heritage continues.

Application for Historic Monument Status
The Cultural Heritage Commission Review Process
Building Neighborhood Support
Arguments that a Developer May Make Against Historical Preservation
Next Steps After Properties Have Been Designated Historical Monuments
The Kelton Homes Now (September 2009)

Kelton Homes Now, September 2009
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