Historical Preservation
Map of Janss Westwood Hills and Holmby Hills Development Area

Map of Westwood Hills courtesy of Katy Lain, Janss descendant. The area between Pico and Santa Monica Blvds., was the first area developed by the Janss Investment Co. This tract was mostly comprised of small lots. According to history books, the people living in the Westwood area were as diverse a group as could be found in one area developed by a single firm. This wide cross-section of incomes has continued to this day.

In the Kelton duplexes, schoolteachers to lawyers, musicians to secretaries, and even actors such as Cheryl Ladd of "Charlie's Angels" and Donald Wood of "True Grit" have lived here and enjoyed their charm and sense of history. However, even though the Cultural Heritage Commission has designated these historic monuments and many other architectural historians have voiced their support, these homes are in grave danger of being destroyed by the Cohanzads, developers who intend to build a large 24-unit condo on the three lots. The fight goes on.

Application for Historic Monument Status
The Cultural Heritage Commission Review Process
Building Neighborhood Support
Arguments that a Developer May Make Against Historical Preservation
Next Steps After Properties Have Been Designated Historical Monuments
The Kelton Homes Now (September 2009)

Map of Janss Westwood Hills and Holmby Hills Development Area
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