Historical Preservation
Contacting The Media

The Media
Contact the media at all stages of your efforts. They can bring the issue to the forefront, apply pressure to city officials, lend credibility to your efforts, document, and get more people involved in your fight for historical preservation. Many have regular columns devoted to historic properties and neighborhood issues.

The following are just a few of the many media outlets that you can contact in the Los Angeles area:

Photo courtesy of Gary McCarthy, The Westsider
LA Independent/The Westsider
Brian Lewis can be reached at (323) 556-5773, or by e-mail at

Westsider article about the fight for historical preservation of the Kelton Avenue duplexes - March 5, 2003

Westsider article about the March 5 Cultural Heritage Commission decision - March 12, 2003

KCRW 89.9 FM (310) 450-5183 http://www.kcrw.org

Sam Hall Kaplan and Frances Anderton both have radio shows that sometimes cover historical preservation issues.

KCRW / NPR radio show transcript about the fight for historical preservation of the Kelton duplexes

KCRW/NPR Sam Hall Kaplan "City Observed" from 4.16.03

Governor's Historic Preservation Award 2003

Our group has also won the the Governor's Historic Preservation Award, the only official preservation award presented by the State of California to worthy recipients in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of historic preservation.  Anything that gains recognition can help you achieve your efforts.

Governor's Historic Preservation Award for 2003 -Office of Historic Preservation, California.

Application for Historic Monument Status
The Cultural Heritage Commission Review Process
Building Neighborhood Support
Arguments that a Developer May Make Against Historical Preservation
Next Steps After Properties Have Been Designated Historical Monuments
The Kelton Homes Now (September 2009)

Map of Janss Westwood Hills and Holmby Hills Development Area
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