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1996 Caro Mio Ben The original Hyperium release is now completely sold out!  I will burn you a copy of this with a color copy of the original cover for $5.00.

A mini-CD of six gorgeous arias given the Eleven Shadows ethereal treatments.  "A modern classic masterpiece!" --Darkwave. This special release features arias by Guiseppe Giordani, Philipp Heinrich Erlebach, Englebert Humperdinck (the other one!), Pergolesi, Brahms, and Puccini, with many of the pieces written in the 17th Century. 

Darkwave: A modern classic masterpiece!

Alternative Press Review: Hyperium Records is having an understandable love affair with one of the most world's beautiful and overlooked musical instruments:  the female voice.  Caro Mio Ben, a mini-CD from Eleven Shadows, is a collection of arias performed combining classical gothicism with modern electronics. 

The title track, a 17th-Century piece, mixes soft choral chords within softer string ensembles, over which flows the soothing voice of Esther Tessel.  "Kommt Ihr Stunden" blends a solemn acoustic string bass, keyboard chords, and a guitar played in a lute-like fashion, while Esther conveys Erlebach's words in a cathedral-inspired fashion.

Puccini's aria, "O Mio Babbino Caro", is sung by Clara Kamunde.   Initially only voice and subtle electronics, the song slowly becomes electrified, taking on a harsh neopunk sound.  "56 in 81" is actually Brahms' "Ich Schleich Umher Betrubt",  in which the beautiful operatic piece is played over a speech by Sen. Bill Bradley regarding the Rodney King beating:  a juxtaposition of the sublime and the obscene.

Caro Mio Ben is opera music for opera haters.  It combines the distinct characteristic of classical opera with the dark ambience of keyboard gothic.  The success of this fusion should come as no surprise.

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