"In Strange Lines and Distances" Eleven Shadows


1995 In Strange Lines and Distances Available for $10.00.  There are less than twelve of these original Hyperium pressings left. Eleven Shadows' best-selling CD!

Debut CD! A varied collection of fourteen songs featuring atmospheric female vocals, including an exclusive "Rae-mix" of the beautiful "Isabella" by Rae Dileo of Meridian Dream/Fifth Dimensional Music.

"It's Magic!" --Zillo Magazine (the "Rolling Stone" of Germany). "The opening song does for opera what 'A Clockwork Orange' does for movies...gripping 'This Mortal Coil' approach" --Alternative Press. "Music to close your eyes to and let the imagery flow" --Ben Is Dead Magazine

It's a fascinating collection of the earliest works, including the haunting 'Salve Regina" and the arabesque "Aurelia", featuring Connie Deeter on bowed bass.

Ben is Dead Magazine Review: Songs to shut your eyes by and let the imagery flow. 4AD fans will die for this. Kristin Jaeger has a wide range to her voice and "Salve Regina" sounds very Dead Can Dance/Cocteaus like. "Exulting in the Temple of Shiva" reaches the realms of the Far East.

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