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1997 Tsechima $10  *Note:  Less than ten of these original Curve Records pressings remain!

Exotic ambient pulse remixes of songs from Sangsara by Rae Dileo of Meridian Dream/Filter!

The songs of "Sangsara" deconstructed and remixed with ambient/slow hip-hop grooves by Rae Dileo of Meridian Dream/Fifth Dimensional Music. Available now through Resist/Curve Records! An interesting release, placing the soaring vocals of Esther Tessel into an entirely different context. Rae's sonic alteration creates an interesting blend of music that neither artist would accomplish solely. 

Alternative Press Review: Darker and more ethereal, Tsechima is the druggy flipside of Translingual's sublime sensuality.  "Reassembled and reinterpreted" by Dileo, Tsechima (meaning "next life") is a heady "Rae-mix" of Ken Lee/Eleven Shadows' forthcoming Sangsara.  As in Sangsara, the inspirational message at the core of Tsechima is the plight of Tibet under Chinese occupation, and the creative spark for the compositions comes from Lee's first-hand exposure to the atrocities there.  This may be where Lee was coming from, but besides a few dream-spoken interludes about Buddha and whatnot, the music does little to express that.  Nor does it need to.  Good ambient music is more about the mood than it is about the message, and the mood here is one of hallucinatory textures and crisp percussion and mysterious female arias that call to mind an East Indian Bjork.  It's good, durable stuff in an age of sex, drugs, and ambient pulse. 

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