d i t h er

b i o g r a p h y


Born in Ladakh and adopted by a couple of Taoist scholars from the state of Vermont in America, people soon noticed that dither’s senses were somehow remarkably different. Very different.

Mom and Dad soon took dither to UCLA Medical Center in California to see if people in white labcoats could make sense of this. The medical community was set abuzz by dither’s unique sensory qualities. It was discovered that certain textures felt on dither’s hand are somehow miraculously, remarkably transformed into feasts of sound and delicious symphonies. Different textural sensations such as silk, skin, velvet, Silly Putty, strawberries, cream soda, splinters, or Velcro result in waves of sounds ranging from blissful atmospheres, static, odd pulses, bells, buzzing, or ebbing and flowing textures.   It breathes.  It pulses.  It warms. 

Dither's transference of senses is heightened in dither’s dream-state. At night, dither swims in sonic seas of otherworldly beauty. These aural sensations vary depending on the texture of clothing, bedsheets, or who is pressed up against dither when sleeping.

Dither so very much wants to share this music inside dither's brain with other humans by recreating these sonic delights on recordings, often composing in near-somnambulic states! Because of dither’s one-of-a-kind condition, this naturally results in the yummiest sounds that could ever tickle your ear canals. Nothing brings a smile to dither’s face more than watching someone’s face as they experience the earthly delights of dither’s sonic garden.

Listen. Feel.

would you please listen to my mp3 of "javanese bathysphere"?


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