Ken Lee Photography  My official photography site.  See gorgeous photos from all corners of the globe!
Ken's Imagekind Store  You may purchase my photos in any size, framed or unframed

Blueberry Buddha Recording Studio  The friendliest place to record in Los Angeles!  Blueberry Buddha is a home studio owned by Ken Lee near Encino, CA that specializes in creating beautiful, organic recordings that capture your vibe. Many accolades grace this small home studio from people such as Bryan Carlstrom (Billy Idol, Alice in Chains), Rae Dileo (Filter, Henry Rollins, Meridian Dream), and Fletcher (Mercenary Music).
Blueberry Buddha Record Label  Amazing sounds from the hidden corners of the world
Ken's MySpace Page
The ambient world of d i t h er  Scratchy, crackly, screwed-up electronic music by master ambient musician d i t h er.  Indescribably yummy, with odd voices drifting in and out, random sounds and backwards noises and static...oddly *beautiful*!

NAMM, Craig Anderton's SSS discussion forum, and  Photos of NAMM, the friendly participants of Craig Anderton's "Sound, Studio, and Stage" Discussion Forum gathering for dinner, and participants of the newsgroup at AES.
Waylon the Cat's Official Catster Page
Willie the Three-Legged Cat's Catster Page


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Mullets Galore Amazing and funny photos and descriptions of every conceivable kind of mullet -- meticulously well-catalogued!
Engrish Amazing but true Japanese version of English
Ugly People Web Site -- pretty much what you think this might be
Balloon Hat  Several people began traveling to different places in the world to make balloon hats for people and take photos of them. The goal was to show people all over the world laughing and having fun.
Camel Toe sort of like a Melvin
Jesus Dress Up
How to Prank a Telemarketer
Larry Carlson Mind-blowing graphics and electronica.
Ajanta Palace Houseboat - Kashmir 
A well-respected family business offering warm hospitality and service to visitors to Kashmir since the 1930s!  Warm hospitality, environmentally conscious travel, and cultural understanding.
Video Sound Technology (VST)   These are the smiling people who miraculously keep all of our recording, musical, and household electronic equipment running!  Contact them for all your Akai MG1214 questions.
The Tibet Connection The First English Language Radio Magazine About Tibet; radio shows air the last Friday of each month on KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles. Very interesting shows about all aspects of Tibet.  I am a contributing editor for this show as of January 2007.
Los Angeles Friends of Tibet

Appalachian Walking Sticks Website Handmade walking sticks at good prices.

A Pawn Of Fate My Dad wrote a book about his life!  "Follow the adventures of a young Chinese boy, taken away from his small village in war-torn China and brought to the United States, where he grows up with no knowledge of his family in China."
Dangah Family Child Care - best childcare anyone can find anywhere.  Located in the La Crescenta-Tujunga area.
Real Sensors  Fine makers of permeation tubes, dopants and such.

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