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1960s sitar groove!  "The Cosmic Dancer" is the first song from the upcoming 1960s psychedelic project from Ken Lee!  The song will stream in its entirety on the left.  If you dig it, please purchase it from the ReverbNation window below for just .99!  T'anks!


"Odds and Ends" Eleven Shadows (CD-R)
A new collection of rare, exclusive and unreleased Eleven Shadows songs.

A new collection of rare, exclusive and unreleased Eleven Shadows songs. Liner notes are included upon purchase, but there's no art work. Includes all the songs from the Cleopatra compilations, including beautiful covers of "Space Age Love Song" by Flock of Seagulls and "Afterhours" by Sisters of Mercy. Also, "Perfect Circle" by R.E.M., "Policy of Truth" by Depeche Mode, "MLK" by U2, "That's The Way (Uh Huh, Uh Huh) I Like It" by KC And the Sunshine Band (with Ken performing the vocals!),and other rarities. None of these appear on any previous Eleven Shadows release. Here's your chance to rummage through Eleven Shadows' closet. Unearth these incredible treasures now!


"The Man Who Tasted Shapes" D i t h er

Scratchy, crackly, screwed-up electronic ambient music. Indescribably yummy, with odd voices drifting in and out, random sounds and backwards noises and static...oddly *beautiful*!

  "Sangsara" Eleven Shadows

BUY the CD! CD Baby

If Brian Eno produced beautiful Italian arias in a Tibetan monastery, it might sound something like Sangsara.  Available 1998!  This music features the beautiful vocals of Esther Tessel, textures and atmospheres that sound rich and detailed and alive, Tibetan bells and bowls, bowed double-bass, and ghostly, ethereal musical passages. "To realize these beautiful textures and tunes, Ken Lee has enlisted the help of Esther and Connie (the vocalist and double-bass player, respectively) to make this one of the most organic and haunting collection of songs we've had the pleasure of reviewing." --Future Music Magazine (U.K.).


irian.jpg (6938 bytes) "Irian Jaya" Eleven Shadows (CD-R)

Tribal ambient groove. Seductive, organic rhythms combine with shimmering atmospheres and female vocalizations to form a sensual soundtrack that your lover will thank you for! One of the songs, "Kombai", has been included on the Slumberland II compilation released on Waveform Records.

The special pressing of Irian Jaya/Chronograph on Curve Records is sold out.  The original Chronograph does not come with this.


tsechima.jpg (30880 bytes) "Tsechima" Eleven Shadows

Exotic ambient pulse remixes of songs from Sangsara by Rae Dileo of Meridian Dream/Filter!

*Note:  Less than ten of these original Curve Records pressings remain!


"Caro Mio Ben" Eleven Shadows

A mini-CD of six gorgeous arias given the Eleven Shadows ethereal treatments.  "A modern classic masterpiece!" --Darkwave. This special release features arias by Guiseppe Giordani, Philipp Heinrich Erlebach, Englebert Humperdinck (the other one!), Pergolesi, Brahms, and Puccini, with many of the pieces written in the 17th Century. 

The original Hyperium release is now completely sold out!  This is a CD-R with a xerox cover.


"In Strange Lines and Distances" Eleven Shadows
There are less than twelve of these original Hyperium pressings left. Eleven Shadows' best-selling CD!

Debut CD! A varied collection of fourteen songs featuring atmospheric female vocals, including an exclusive "Rae-mix" of the beautiful "Isabella" by Rae Dileo of Meridian Dream/Fifth Dimensional Music.

"It's Magic!" --Zillo Magazine (the "Rolling Stone" of Germany). "The opening song does for opera what 'A Clockwork Orange' does for movies...gripping 'This Mortal Coil' approach" --Alternative Press. "Music to close your eyes to and let the imagery flow" --Ben Is Dead Magazine

There are less than twelve of these original pressings from Hyperium left. Eleven Shadows' best-selling CD!

Compilations (one song on each CD unless otherwise noted)

2004 Keyboard Corner compilation "Shegar" Musicplayer.com

2001 Slumberland Episode II:  Awake and Dreaming  "Kombai"  Waveform Records
PO Box 12684, La Jolla, CA 92039-2684 USA  webguest@waveformhq.com

1999 New Groove 3: DŽconstruire le Groove Estoterique "Aurelia (eggshell edit)"
R:EV 2408 Penmar Ave., Venice CA 90291 USA  Fax: (310) 822-2708 Phone:  1.800.5RESIST 

1999 To Jupiter and Beyond "Amitabha" Aporia Records, P.O. Box 996 Stn F Toronto, ON M4Y 2N9
Canada. (a droney / ethereal / space-rock compilation disc that's quite good!) I have a few extra CDs available for $5.00 (POB 642832, Los Angeles, CA USA!! ) Email me for details.

1998 New Wave Goes to Hell:  Tribute to the Music of the '80s "Space Age Love Song" (exclusive!!)  Cleopatra Records 13428 Maxella Ave. #251 Marina Del Rey, CA  90292  USA  (*I think this is my favorite cover song that Eleven Shadows has done!!!)

1998 RAP CD in Blue:  rec.audio.pro newsgroup compilation CD "L'Oceano" and "Wamena" Rec.Audio.Pro
rec.audio.pro,  P.O. Box 888, Krum, TX 76249 (US$15 and one return address label for each 4-CD set, a compilation of various recording engineers and artists from the rec.audio.pro newsgroup) Rec.audio.pro Information

1997 SubNation Volume Two: An American Darkwave "Jayapura"  SubNation Productions
P.O. Box 12245, El Cajon, CA 92022  USA.  E-mail: subnation@subnation.com

1997 Tales From the Vault "Shegar" Alligence Records
P.O. Box 370451, El Paso TX  79937-0451  USA  E-mail:  alligence@juno.com

1997 Hyperium New Classics "Que Ne Suis"  Hyperium Records

199? A Tribute to: R.E.M. "Perfect Circle" (due ?? - exclusive!!)  24 Hr. Service Station
Attn:  Marshall Dickson, 2521 Oakrill Rd., Marietta, GA 30062. E-mail: hour24@bellsouth.net  email Marshall and ask him when any of these compilations are going to be released -- we're all very curious!

199? A Tribute to: U2 "MLK" (due ?? - exclusive!!)  24 Hour Service Station

199? A Tribute to: Depeche Mode (due ?? - exclusive!!)   24 Hour Service Station

1996  Audio CD-21 Audio Magazine with "56 in 81" on accompanying CD, June 1996 issue

1996 Future Music 5Oth issue Special Edition CD with "Caro Mio Ben" on Demo of the Month. Future Music (U.K. Publication), November 1996 issue #50 Future Publishing (back issues) FREEPOST, Somerton Somerset TA11 7BR (no stamp required)

1996 Future Music Demo Pick of the Month -- CD and Demo Heaven article on "Shegar" Future Music (U.K. Publication), March 1996 issue #41 Future Publishing (back issues) FREEPOST, Somerton Somerset TA11 7BR (no stamp required)

1996 New Groove on the Resist Curve with Rae Dileo remix of "L'Oceano" and "Shegar"   Resist/Curve Records

1996 A Tribute to: Bauhaus "Terror Couple Kill Colonel" (exclusive!!) Cleopatra Records 8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite D-82, Los Angeles CA 90045 USA

1995 Gothic Magazine 23 "Caro Mio Ben" (different mix -- exclusive!!) In Den Mittelweiden 16, 56070 Koblenz Germany

1995 Zauber of Music vol. II - "Isabella"   Hyperium/Hypnobeat Records   free CD included in Music From the Empty Quarter 12

1993 Heavenly Voices "56 In 81 (Ich Schleich Umher Betrubt)"   Hyperium Records

1993 A Tribute to: The Sisters of Mercy "Afterhours" (exclusive!!)  Cleopatra Records

1992 Floribundus "56 In 81 (Ich Schleich Umher Betrubt)" C'est La Mort Records POB 1351, Eugene OR 97440 USA

1991 Hearts Lust in Limbo "O Mio Babbino Caro" C'est La Mort Records

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