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The Steps, "Krontjong Warna-Warni" Time Stereo, CD-R
There's no documentation on this CD-R Time Stereo release, but it's apparently a reissue of a '60s Indonesian guitar pop instrumental record.  Very pretty, pastoral chiming guitar instrumentals.  When I first put on this disc, I was captivated by the first song.  However, as the music goes on, there are not many dynamics, and the songs tend to blend together after a while, creating a sort of aural wallpaper.  It's pretty, it's pleasant, but it sorta just lays there.  Still, though, quite a find for Warren Defever of His Name is Alive, who initially found this record.

DJ Krush, "Kakusei" Red Ink/Sony
Somewhat predictable but evocative trip-hop beats with deep acoustic/electronic bass and scratchy, deep, steady grooves perfect for that late-night listening.  Minimal instrumentation, and cool vibe.  Nice.

Head, "Head" Voxx Records, CD
Evidently, an obscure Voxx Records release of an early '90s Los Angeles band, Head.  Very "direct" sounding played quasi-psychedelic music with extended jams and studio overdubs.  I have a feeling that the band may have sounded pretty good live, but the recording left me wishing that they either would launch into really heady, spacey extended jams or got a little kookier with the studio trickery.  They did neither, and what you basically have are segments of skillful fast jamming interspersed with some somewhat interesting overdubs of electronic sounds.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Fever To Tell", 2003 Interscope

Sort of a quasi-'80s art-punk pop/rock trio from Brooklyn that writes confident, raw kind of rock, with some really nice garagey kind of drumming and some gorgeous guitar playing and singing.  I have to mention "Maps" right away.  This is one of those song that make me want to play it over and over again.  The perfect pop song, with especially amazing single-note guitar harmonies and  sublimely sung melodies singing, "Pack up, don't stray...Wait/They don't love you like I love you."  This is perfect pop/punk/whatever.  Although I really love the whole CD, I am particularly taken with the last third or so, which seems to be a new direction for the trio.

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