October 2006

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The first evening in San Francisco, I met my friend Arlynne at the airport.  She introduced me to her boyfriend, Donald, who does various things in multi-media, and seemed well-versed in technology in general.

One of the things I love about San Francisco are all the unexpected signs that you find on just about anything, like this phone that I saw while walking from the N Line to the AES (Audio Engineering Society) Convention at the Moscone Center.


The Korg MR-1 is a 1-bit handheld recorder. Korg's MR-1 provides high quality 1-bit/2.8 MHz recording and playback, with caught my eye, with their claiming that 1-bit recording was "future-proof".  What does that mean exactly?  Korg says, "Archiving your final mixes and masters in a 1-bit system allows you to bypass these issues, and preserve your music with both the highest fidelity and in a more “universal” format. That data then can more easily be converted at a later date to the bit depth/sample rate format of your choice without compromising the integrity or fidelity of the data.."  1-bit technology has actually been around for a while, but it's nice to have it in this hand-held which will supposedly sell for a street price of around $7-800.


Outside during a break from AES, just outside the Moscone Center.


I met Rupert Neve the first day at AES. 

As I was walking past his booth, Mr. Neve took one look at my jacket and exclaimed, "I'm so down with luchadores, ay? ¿Se gusta El Santo?"  We bonded through our mutual love of lucha libre, and spent the next couple of hours alternating between exchanging tips on winding transformers and discussing the finer points of máscara contra cabellera battles.

The above may or may not have happened, I'm not certain.  But I did compliment him on his outstanding Neve Portico 5012 mic preamp.  Makes my ears wiggle with joy.

Rupert Neve is the sound of rock.  Mr. Rupert Neve designed, among many other things, the now-legendary Neve consoles.  He was only the 3rd person to ever receive a Lifetime Achievement Technical Grammy and was inducted as a member of the Mix Hall of Fame in 1989.


After AES, a few of us from Craig Anderton's forum, as well as Donald, got together for drinks at the Gold Dust Lounge.  Jeff and Jim Latimer from ADAM Audio at the Gold Dust Lounge after AES. Dave Bryce was also here, although mysteriously, his image does not appear in any pictures.  We had a great time.


Foxtick and Donald.


Bunny and Jeff.




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