Dave Bryce And Marilyn's Last Supper Plays Oh Grady's, 22 August 2009
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My friend Brian from Chewy Marble and I had just finished recording some pop psychedelia.  Along with Lisa, we drove up to Granada Hills to check out dB's band Marilyn's Last Supper, at Oh Grady's in Granada Hills.

But first, pizza.  Red Devil Pizza, just down the street.  Recording works up yer appetite.

Red Devil's Pizza is one of those pizza-Middle Eastern-hookah-smoking-paraphernalia joints.  You know the type.  You sit outside, watch music videos of beautiful Middle Eastern women gyrating, and eat falafel and fresh pizza by the slice (do they cook 'em all individually in triangle shapes?).  And if you're really hungry and two of you can eat a 28" pizza within half an hour, you win a hundred dollars and a red T-shirt that gives you braggin' rights.

After the grub, it was on to Oh Grady's.  Marilyn's Last Supper had played there the last night as well, following weekend stints by Hammered and Out To Lunch. 

Ordered a Shock Top, sat down with Lisa and Brian amidst the dark wood paneling, instantly whisked back to a time when shag carpeting wasn't kitsch and no one looked twice if you wore cut-off jeans.


dB rocks yer effin' world.

dB peels off more funkified goodness on his NE2.

Marilyn's Last Supper played '70s rock jams, sure, but they also play funkified mashups of "Play That Funky Music, White Boy" and "American Woman".  Stuff that in yer hookah 'n' smoke it.  Best set you could ever have without playing "Green Grass And High Tides".  Yeahhh.

Dave Bryce moderates the Keyboard Corner.  Good place to hang out if you like keyboards, music, or sports.  Also makes the best damn Philly cheesesteak you'll ever have.

Here's Dave Bryce as you've never seen him before, brandishing a guitar as Marilyn's Last Supper launches into "Toys In the Attic".  Can I hear a hell yeah?

In the attic lies
Voices scream
Nothings seen
Reals a dream


Zhwannnngh zhwanngh


What's Oh Grady's like?  Here's a sampling of reviews from Yelp:

I have an idea!
Let's buy a pool table and a jukebox and a refrigerator, and we can keep some sh*tty beers in the refrigerator, and charge people to come and drink them. The locals will be lining up around the block!  And since we live in an isolated village and it's still 1980, we can be as rude as we want and our customers will have no means of telling everyone about it!

-Should we maybe get one of those beer tap thingies?-

Nah, we don't wanna attract the wrong sort of crowd. In fact, we should put up a bunch of conservative posters to make sure we don't get the sort of people who leave tips.

-I'll go get my bottle-opener keychain!-   -Daniel A.


Ever been to a bar and immediately thought...what the f*ck am i doing here?!!!

yeah...you're gonna get that feeling as soon as you step in to this place. this bar looks like one of those bars in the middle of nowhere...full of odd people...you would probably find trolls and warlocks (if they existed) here. the drinks are cheap...the pool table looks like it's been through 4 world wars....and the jukebox looks really out of place...   -Oscar A


I have a late class on a Thursday night and a few classmates want to meet up at this "Irish Pub" on Chatsworth. I love Irish pubs so of course I'm in. Upon finding this place I see the name "Oh Grady's" and walk in to find shamrocks everywhere...wow this little dive wants to emphasize Irish. Then I look to see what they have on tap and all they have is Bud, Bud light, and Shock top (blue moon's white trash cousin). So after yelling at my friends for 14 minutes about how this place is NOT an Irish pub I stick around for a few hours and get drunk with my friends.

The good part about this bar is that the drinks are pretty cheap. Shots of Jamesons were $4 a piece. I after about 10 shots of Jameson's I don;t remember too much except for the 300 pound guy in overalls and a bright orange trucker cap playing darts.  - Larry D.

Dave Bryce and Marilyn's Last Supper Rocks Oh Grady's, 22 August 2009
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