Dave Bryce Halloween Party, October 2009
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I arrived at Dave Bryce's giant Halloween party at 11pm after attending the Dia de los Muertos commemoration with Lisa at Hollywood Forever Cemtery.

Dave's party had four different musical acts, dB playing in all of 'em.

Here's Dave Bryce as you've never seen him before, brandishing a guitar as Marilyn's Last Supper launches into "Toys In the Attic".  Can I hear a hell yeah?

In the attic lies
Voices scream
Nothings seen
Reals a dream

dB rocks yer effin' world.

dB fronting his band Marilyn's Last Supper.


Stephen Fortner of Keyboard Magazine.

Part of dB's giant collection of keyboards in his studio.

Macbeth analog semi -modular synthesizer and Dreyer's Raiders flavor ice cream, two tastes that taste great together.

Dave Bryce Halloween Party October 2009

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