Lee Flier and What The...?, International Pop Overthrow Festival in Los Angeles
Fais Do Do, 2 August 2009

What The...?, with Lee Flier on guitar, flew from Atlanta to play the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Los Angeles, playing at Fais Do Do for IPO organizer David Bash and an enthusiastic crowd.

I wouldn't know how to describe the band exactly, so I'm going to let them do it:

From the garage to virtual reality to around the globe, What The...? is the epitome of rock at its most raw and exciting. Spanning the length and breadth of rock'n'roll, you'll hear the unmistakable influences of classic Brit Invasion to roots-rock/rockabilly to finely crafted power pop to practically punk! Their infectious combination of raw rock power, melodic songcraft, and loads of harmonies reverberates forward and backward through time, giving you a glimpse into rock's past, present, and future.

Lyle of What The...?, lead singer and bassist.  You can tell 'cuz, like, it has four strings.

What the...? has previously played The Cavern in Liverpool for part of the International Pop Overthrow Festivals. 

And see, Lee has six strings.

Lee's guitar, up close and personal.  She is a Keith Richards devotee, although you can hear quite a lot of other influences with her playing and the band's songcraft, including Brit pop, Byrdsesque harmonies with Rickenbacker-fueled grooves, and a raw Kinks sort of feel.  They are working on a new release, recording it on glorious 2" analog multitrack. 

Lyle, Eskil the drummer, and Lee of What The...?.

After the gig at Fais Do Do, we ate at Versailles Cuban Restaurant on Venice Blvd., just a few miles away. I think I chopped one person out of these photos...sorry.  Lee, Eskil, Ken, and Donika or something like that.

Daniel, a recording engineer, and Lee's Mom, who is insanely cool.  I enjoyed hanging out with everyone at the restaurant.

As a bonus, one of Lee's Mom's friends is the mother of an old friend of mine whom I have not seen since I was a kid, so I'm doubly happy that I showed up for this gig.

Camera Geek Alert:  all photos taken with the Leica D-Lux 4 compact camera, a tiny little camera that still takes decent photos.

Lee Flier and What the...? at Fais Do Do, International Pop Overthrow Festival in Los Angeles

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