NAMM Anaheim, CA/SSS Dinner
18 and 20 January 2007

These are a few pictures taken at the NAMM Convention. Later on there are pictures from the Keyboard Corner and SSS dinner at Buca Di Beppo's in Anaheim, organized by Dave Bryce of ADAM AudioKeyboard Corner.

Craig Anderton "fader slamming" at the PreSonus booth.



Lorenzo competing in the NAMM International Fastest Drummer Contest. 


Now that is one fat neck.


Gus, Dave the Rave, GearMike, Phil O'Keefe, me, Mike Rivers at the NAMM dinner.


We also celebrated Gus' birthday.


Gus' birthday at the NAMM dinner. 

NAMM Dinner with Gus and Dave the Rave.


Phil, Ken, Mike, Gus at the 2007 NAMM Dinner
(this photo stolen from


Dave the Rave, Mike, Phil, Ken, Mike at the 2007 NAMM dinner
(this photo stolen from


Kerry King of Slayer signing autographs at NAMM.


GearMike and the top of Phil O'Keefe's head, NAMM dinner.


It's a didgeridoo.  It's a trombone.  It's a fun instrument.


Lorenzo trying a didgeribone.


Los Lobos performing at the Digidesign booth.


Mitch Brown checks out the Emu.



Un-Sung Musical Instruments.


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