NAMMbulating 2008

These photos, taken while NAMMbulating this year's winter convention in Anaheim, took on more of this celebrity paparazzi thing.  Here's one of Slash as I "thread the needle" between the pushing throng of people and the shouting security guards.

Cool stuff not pictured:

ADAM Audio Monitors:  Super accurate and amazing monitors.  Thank you, Dave Bryce!!!

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08: Sweet analog synthesizer.

Hot Hands Motion Controlled Guitar Effects:  Hot Hand embeds an accelerometer into a ring you wear on your picking hand.  A control box allows you to dial in various "wah" filters and frequencies, and a sensitivity control determines the effects via picking, strumming, or "flailing."

Special thanks to Gustavo Lozada / M-Audio for the generous donation for The Tibet Connection, a unique monthly program exploring the world of Tibet—its people, its culture, its politics and philosophy.

Herbie Hancock.

I was fortunate enough to see Herbie Hancock perform last summer in New York at Carnegie Hall (photos of the trip here).

Nice tie.

Lashbrook guitars.  The absurdly thin but resonant LTH-1 is touted as the world's most innovative and versatile solid body electric guitar.  Weighing just 4-5 pounds, this guitar can get anything from more assertive single-coil electric sounds to big arch-top jazz guitar sounds.  Beautiful tone on any setting.  It's also the nicest, smoothest neck I've ever played.  Will only set you back $6500-12,000, depending on which guitar you want.

Guitar lamp.

Craig Anderton, audio guru and guitarist for '60s band Mandrake Memorial, creators of the psychedelic masterpiece "Puzzle", here videotaping Eric Persing about his new sound library, which featured samples of tennis balls rolling around in Tibetan singing bowls and someone playing a piano lit on fire.  No, really.

Drumagog allows you to replace bad drum sounds...even drum sounds as bad as the ones from this "drum set".  I like the damping blanket in the "kick drum". 

Guns 'N' Roses bassist Duff McKagen.

Danny Gottlieb, Larry Coryell, and Jeff Berlin performing. Amazing how much mileage Gottlieb can get from just one cymbal.

Billy Corgan.  Although he looks intense here, he was actually joking with me as I was taking the photograph, making a face and pumping his fist for the camera. We both cracked up afterwards.

Back to the paparazzi-style photography, as I squeeze past some of the surging crowd and wall of security to photograph Stevie Wonder.

Just after I took this photo, one of the security guys yelled at me, "NO FLASH PHOTOS!!!" 

Think about this a moment.

Experimental electronic explorer and percussionist Mitch Brown of Sonelle manipulates sounds at Analog Haven's booth.

The Keyboard Corner people hang out in the patio of Steamers before the Joey Defrancesco show.

Chris hangs out with the Keyboard Corner folks.

"Whaddaya mean, you don't know the chords for "On Broadway"?

Master organist Joey Defrancesco treated us to an amazing show at Steamers with special guest George Benson.

And as it turned out, Joey D did know the chords for "On Broadway."  And everything else.  His organ mastery and dramatic flurries had our whole Keyboard Corner table shaking heads in disbelief.


George Benson playing some gorgeous guitar at Steamers in Fullerton, part of the Keyboard Corner post-NAMM festivities.

After two full days of NAMMbulating, shouting above the din of the convention, eating, and drinking, I had sore feet and a sore throat.

I find it funny that going to NAMM seems to be the most physically demanding thing I do all year.

NAMMbulating 2008

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