Sound Sanctuary, 15 November 2008

On a dry, hot windy day with a lot of brush fires around Southern California I blew in to Phil O'Keefe's Sound Sanctuary recording studio in Riverside, CA to purchase his Digi002 from him and hang out and play guitar on the upcoming Zak Claxton release. 

Zak Claxton played guitar and sang, Bunny drummed, Program Girl (unfortunately not pictured here) took photos and assisted, and Phil recorded.

The control room for Sound Sanctuary.

Bunny showing off his high-hat, autographed by Stewart Copeland.

Phil setting some microphones in place.

I cannot visit a recording session at Sound Sanctuary without the requisite geeky microphone setup photos.  Here. Phil has set up an SE mini-Reflexion filter and some Auralex foam pads on the snare mic to provide some isolation from the high-hat.

Phil continuing to set up Bunny's drum set.  I have more photos of Bunny's drum set than of Bunny.  Sorry, man, that's just not right...

Zak Claxton laying down a solo on the song "The Sands of Redondo".  And actually, what Zak had us do was each have a short solo in Dm.  I started first with an e-Bow solo, sort of mimicing ocean waves.  Phil threw down next with a psychedelic backwards guitar solo.  Bunny was up next with a dirty and somewhat Arabic-sounding bit.  Then Zak Claxton played an equally dirty sounding, frenetic solo to lead back into the vocals.

Phil recording Zak's solo.

Checking out the solos.

Insanely great fun, playing music and hanging out with Phil, Zak, Bunny, and Program Girl!!!!  Thanks to Phil for his recording expertise, help, and warm hospitality!!  Thanks to Zak for letting me play on his song and for letting me gulp down his Gatorade and Doritos.

Sound Sanctuary, 15 November 2008

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