Sound Sanctuary Studios, 2009, Zak Claxton Recording Sessions

Several of us ventured deep into the Inland Empire on our pilgrimmage to Phil O'Keefe's Sound Sanctuary recording studio in Riverside, CA on 21 March 2009 to hang out and play on the upcoming Zak Claxton release.  This was my second recording session with Zak. I had recorded e-Bow guitar on 15 November 2008 with everyone also.

Zak Claxton played guitar, bass, and sang, Bunny drummed, Kat Claxton took photos and assisted, I played organ, everyone played hand percussion, and Phil recorded.


Phil patching cords at Sound Sanctuary.  We both happened to be wearing our ADAM Audio shirts that day.

The Sound Sanctuary playpen, with the diffusors in back of the comfortable couch, the mind-boggling array of choice guitar pedals, keyboards....and oh, yeah, and there's Zak and Kat Claxton having fun.

In November, I played e-Bow guitar on "The Sands of Redondo".  This time, organ on "Lines On Your Eyes".

Bunny lays it down.

The towering magnificence that is Bunny, displaying his Bill Ward influence.

Zak Claxton amidst the glorious lights of Sound Sanctuary, as he takes a break from the Doritos to lay down a guide vocal/guitar track.

       Zak Claxton video filmed by Kat Claxton on 21 March 2009.

On Saturday, 25 July 2009, we gathered at Sound Sanctuary to record the last two songs of the Zak Claxton CD.  I had just returned from Brazil on Thursday, but no matter...the recording was on.  I recorded some keyboards on "Waiting For This".  I was "slumming" and used my new little Leica D-LUX 4 point-and-shoot for these following photos.

Bunny Bunny Bunny.

25 July 2009.  Second Zak Claxton section in 2009.

Phil whips out his thick, massive tube mic.

Phil Phil Phil.

Kat Kat Kat.

Zak Zak Zak.

Yeah Yeah Yeah.

Phil Phil Phil.  Painting on the door to one of the isolation rooms.

Zak Zak Zak.

Knobs Knobs Knobs.

Food Food Food.


Sound Sanctuary 2009

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