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Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA


Warm full beautiful sound.  Friendly.  Creative.

Pro Tools / Neve / Apogee / ADAM / Lawson / Radio Shack

Blueberry Buddha Recording Studio is a home-based studio owned by Ken Lee near Encino, CA (North Los Angeles) that specializes in creating beautiful, organic recordings that capture your vibe, whether that's tracking or mixing.

I realize that everyone who has a mic and a computer can make a CD nowadays.  Click here for some reasons why you might still want to record here even if you are on a tight budget. 


As of 24 May 2017, I will no longer be doing Akai tape transfers. My machine is corroded beyond repair, and I currently have no intentions of purchasing another tape machine. Thank you very much for your support over the years, and apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

I've had either an Akai MG1214 or, for the past few years, this 14D rackmount tape machine for many years. I have been recording to Pro Tools for many years now, but still kept the Akai machines going because I kept getting asked to do tape transfers. That has come to an end, and I am without doubt one of the very last studios to offer that service. The end of an era.

We transferred over 450 tapes, sometimes bringing back beautiful memories to people. Thank you so much for your kind words and patronage over the years.



Quantcast Quantcast"Undone" by Nectarphonic
Collage of songs recorded at Blueberry Buddha (Chewy Marble / The Wreck / Nectarphonic)
"L'Oceano" by Eleven Shadows

"Midnight Rainbow (2nd half excerpt) by 3000 Realms
1960s sitar groove song "The Cosmic Dancer" by Ken Lee
"Break On Through" by Doors tribute band Break On Through
If you like this music that was recorded here, please support the artists!

All music recorded here at Blueberry Buddha

Blueberry Buddha client Linda Perhacs working on songs with Adam Von Passow and Julia Holter on Valentine's Day, 2010.  Linda is recording her first album since 1970's groundbreaking "Parallelograms" here at our studio.

Blueberry Buddha client Russell Mael of Sparks with Ken the Audio Monk.

Jazz fusion drummer Kofi Baker, son of Cream drummer Ginger Baker, rercording with Shiva's Daydream at Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios.

The Musician's Nirvana


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