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Akai MG1214 and MG1212 Tape Transfers

As of 24 May 2017, I will no longer be doing Akai tape transfers. My machine is corroded beyond repair, and I currently have no intentions of purchasing another tape machine. Thank you very much for your support over the years, and apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

I've had either an Akai MG1214 or, for the past few years, this 14D rackmount tape machine for many years. I have been recording to Pro Tools for many years now, but still kept the Akai machines going because I kept getting asked to do tape transfers. That has come to an end, and I am without doubt one of the very last studios to offer that service. The end of an era.

We transferred over 450 tapes, sometimes bringing beautiful memories to people. Thank you so much for your kind words and patronage over the years.


Do you have 12-track MK20J tapes from an Akai MG1212, MG1214, or a 14D analog 12-track you want to transfer? If so, you've come to the right place.

I can transfer Akai MK20J tapes to audio WAV files using an Apogee Rosetta 800 A/D converter, an extremely high-quality converter that sounds gorgeous.  I have transferred audio for many people, including some who have worked with Supertramp, Smart Brown Handbag, Sparks, and several television and motion picture studios. I use an Akai 14D rackmount, which is compatible with all your Akai MK20J 12-track tapes. I service the Akai 12-track regularly to keep it in top running order. The transfers are compatible with any computer digital recording software that reads WAV files. Yes, that would include your setup! :D

Ken the Audio Monk with Russell Mael from Sparks

Just follow these simple steps:
Contact Me: 
I may be booked solid with recording sessions, so contact me before shipping anything to me. 

2.  Ship your tapes to me (preferably with a form of tracking):
Akai tapes labeled with your name and email address
- A signed copy of the
Blueberry Buddha Akai Transfer Contract

3.  Contact me again after you have shipped your tapes. Tell me the tracking number and expected date of arrival

If you contact me with your tracking number and expected date of arrival, I can then anticipate and inquire about the shipment. This one extra step helps make sure that your valuable tapes arrive safely.

Please note that I am not responsible if the shipment is lost before I personally receive your tapes.  I will do everything I can to locate them, of course, but I cannot be held responsible if I never receive the tapes in the first place.

4.  Pay me: 
When I am finished transferring your tapes, I will contact you with the final amount owed.  After you pay, then I will mail your tapes and the DVD-R (or CD-Rs) via UPS (domestic) or by post (international) or upload your files for you to download if you have 3 tapes or less.  You may pay via PayPal or credit card (click on the PayPal insignia on the left side of this page.

Prices include DVD-Rs or data CD-Rs.

The turnaround time is 2 weeks (depending on how many tapes you ship to me)  although I frequently get them done quicker than this.

Super Fast Service:  If you require tapes in 7 days or less, inquire first.  Please add an additional $20 per tape for Super Fast Service.

UPS Overnight:
*    $15 for 1-2 tapes
*    $25 for 3-5 tapes to each order and let me know that you want UPS Overnight when you are paying.

I will mail via post only.  Your country will likely charge extra fees.  We can keep some of these fees down by returning your tapes marked "Gift" and declaring its worth to be "One Dollar".  The disadvantage is that I probably will not be able to insure it since insuring something that has the declared value of only one dollar has little benefit!  Please note that I am not responsible for any extra fees that your country may impose on your incoming shipment, and that it is your responsibility to find out information about receiving shipments.

Insurance:   Please add an extra US$10 to your total and tell me when you are paying so I know to insure it.

You must pay for the transfers before I mail back your Akai tapes.  I am not responsible for any shipping problems that occur after I drop your package off at UPS (or the post office, if international).

I accept PayPal and credit card payments.


My Akai 14D 12-track is kept in pristine condition, is maintained regularly at VST in Pasadena, and is de-magnetized before and after every session, and my tape transport is kept extremely clean and operational.  However, MK20J tapes are old, may have been exposed to heat or water or otherwise improperly stored, and did I mention that they are OLD?  Therefore, I will not be held responsible for any damage to your tapes while in my machine. 

Liability for shipping:  I am not responsible for any shipping problems that occur after I drop it off at UPS.  I am not responsible for any shipping problems which occur before I receive the tapes.

I ship via UPS upon payment.

Will the audio be compatible with my system?
Almost definitely.  I use Pro Tools to record your audio, but any system that reads 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files (just about all of them!), including Digital Performer, Nuendo, Logic, Sonar, GarageBand, SAW, Reaper, Audacity, etc. can read them.  PC or Mac, doesn't matter.  You will be able to open them up easily by simply importing all the audio from the song's folder into a session and lining up all the audio files.  I've transferred over500 tapes, and every single client has been able to play the audio.  You will too!

How is the audio saved?
Each song's audio files will be saved in their own folders.  They will be named "Audio 1", "Audio 2" etc. for each corresponding track number.  I will run the entire tape from beginning to end.
Each of the 12 tracks is recorded as a 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV file.

I will give you the audio on a data disc.  If it fits on CD-R, I'll put it on that; otherwise, it's DVD-R.

How long do you keep the audio on the hard drive after you have archived my work and sent it to me?
I save everything on my hard drive for two weeks.  If you indicate that everything is fine or if I don't hear from you, your audio is deleted.  Obviously, it's very important for you to communicate and let me know if you cannot read your DVD-R or CD-R or have other difficulties.

How do I open up the audio files in my digital audio workstation (DAW)?
On the DVD-Rs (or CD-Rs) which contains your audio files, open up the Audio Folder.  You should see up to twelve different audio files inside.  These are all for the same song.  Simply import these audio files into the Multi-Track Window of your DAW and line 'em all up to the left.  That's it!!  Cool, eh?

How much longer will Blueberry Buddha be transferring Akai tapes?
I purchased an Akai 14D rackmount 12-track which is in excellent condition, and am confident that I will be able to continue providing this transfer service for years to come. I have the 12-track serviced regularly to give you the best - and safest - transfer possible.

Who services your Akai MG1214?
VST Service in Pasadena (talk to Dave Segimoto).

Where do you get Akai MG1214 tapes?
They are no longer available commercially. However, I have many used tapes that I would be willing to sell. They are in good condition and have been stored properly. Contact me about how many you want and we can talk.

Where can you purchase used Akai MG1212s or 1214s?
VST Service in Pasadena (talk to Dave Segimoto).

Do you know anyone who wants to buy my used Akai multi-track machine?
No, but you can always contact
VST Service in Pasadena (talk to Dave Segimoto) to see if they know of someone.

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