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  • Transfers
    Transfers from Akai14D, MG1214 or MG1212 analogue tapes to 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files that are compatible with most any DAW.. 
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  • Daily Backups:
    When you are recording here, we will automatically back up your Pro Tools session and audio on an external firewire hard drive after each session.  We also store your Pro Tools session on our hard drive for approximately one month after you have finished the session before deleting it.  We do this to build good karma, but are not liable for any damage to your back-ups.

  • Saving your Pro Tools Recording Session
    We can save your Pro Tools recording session to hard drive, USB drive, or DVD-R quickly at the end of your recording sessions.  You should be able to open up this recording session with Pro Tools and other software programs that may be compatible.  While this is certainly an easy and convenient way to save your audio, to make sure that your audio will be able to be opened up successfully in the future, we recommend archiving your music. 

  • Archiving your music:
    We recommend archiving your recording session.  This enables your audio files to be opened up easily with almost all digital audio workstations, such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Sonar, Digital Performer, or others. We can perform some housecleaning and delete all tracks that are definitely not usable, and consolidate all regions within tracks, so each track is only one file, and logically labeled.  It's a few hours' work, and not all of our clients choose to do this.

  • Receive a blissful massage in our Panasonic massage lounger!

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