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San Francisco Two Sides of the Tibetan Coin - Olympic Torch Protest, April 2008

April 2008 - Videos and Articles of ongoing protests against Chinese occupation and human rights abuses

March 2008 - Tibetan monks and laypeople protest Chinese occupation and human rights abuses - Articles, Photos, Videos

His Holiness the Dalai Lama awarded Congressional Gold Medal!  (19 September 2006) Students for a Free Tibet

Pope John Paul II Meets with Dalai Lama (November 27, 2003) Victor L Simpson, Associated Press Writer

No Improvement Inside Tibet:  Dalai Lama (UNI, Nov 23, 2003)

Dalai Lama to meet Pope (Nov 20, 2003) Agence France Presse

Hu On the Roof of the World (November 26, 2002) Claude Arpi A closer look at the way Mr Hu used his post in Tibet as a stepping stone to reach the top

Dalai Lama's Letter to the President of the United States of America (September 12, 2001) - concerning the 9/11 tragedy

Bush Damns China's Spiritual Repression (May 4, 2001) Los Angeles Times

The Dalai Lama Discusses Science and Spirituality with Larry King and Deepak Chopra (June 26, 2000)   Includes a short discussion about the mapping of the genome on Larry King Live.

"I Am Just a Human Being", says Dalai Lama (June 27, 2000) The Globe and Mail, Canada.

In Quest of Shangri-la (May 31, 1999) Ian Baker's expedition to the uncharted waterfall by Tibet's Tsangpo River, and the mysterious valley beyond it. 
-- Patricia Roberts, Newsweek

China Stokes Fear and Loathing of the West (May 31, 1999) Perceiving itself under attack, Beijing uses war in Yugoslavia to turn nation against NATO, U.S.
-- Miro Cernetig, Globe and Mail

4,000 HK Demonstrators Commemorate 10th Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre (May 31, 1999)  
-- Hong Kong Voice of Democracy

L.A. to Kick Off Dalai Lama's World Festival of Sacred Music (May 31, 1999) 
-- by Diane Maithman,  Los Angeles Times

U.S. May Try to Stop Loan Seen as Bad for Tibetans (May 30, 1999)   related to article of population transfer of Chinese farmers; further exacerbation of uneasy China/U.S. relations.

Law Group Condemns World Bank China Tibet Project (May 17, 1999) population transfer of Chinese farmers into Tibet alarms Tibetan support groups, lawyers, environmentalists
-- The International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet

Save Kosovo, then Tibet? (May 14, 1999)  China's fear of being the next NATO target
-- South China Morning Post

U.N. Torture Expert Invited To China (April 9, 1999) China authorizes visit after years of requests.

Chinese Head to Hollywood (February 19, 1999)  Movies: A delegation from the mainland will meet with U.S. executives to seek co-production arrangements. 
-- by Robert W. Welkos, Los Angeles Times

A Secret War in Shangri-La (14 November 1998) A Tibetan filmmaker reveals how the CIA once helped his people fight their oppressors
-- Patrick French, The Daily Telegraph , London

Peace on Earth on Top of the World (15 November 1998)  An interesting description of Dharamsala, home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile
--Sunday Times

For a Western Audience, Some Tibetan Wisdom 5,000 Pack American U. Arena to Hear the Dalai Lama (14 November 1998) some basic teachings of Buddhism and Tibetan philosophy
-- The Washington Post

China's Hold on Tibet Unlikely to Loosen 11 November 1998)  Not a great chance of settlement between Tibet and China.
-- Los Angeles Times

CIA Gave Aid to Tibetan Exiles in '60s (15 September 1998) CIA provided the Tibetan exile movement with funds for operations against China.
-- Los Angeles Times

His Material Highness (July 13, 1998) Far from his holier-than-thou image, The Dalai Lama supports such questionable causes as India's nuclear testing, sex with prostitutes and accepting donations from a Japanese terrorist cult. 
-- by Christopher Hitchins

Supporters Vow More Help for Tibet Activism: U.S. backers of Dalai Lama believe Chinese president was conciliatory partly because of pressure from them.  Article includes comments from Tseten Panucharas of Los Angeles Friends of Tibet.
-- by Norman Kempster

Clinton Urges Dialogue on Tibet (Clinton and Zemin, June 27, 1998)
-- by John Leicester

Live Exchange on Tibet Seen as a Stunning, if Puzzling, Success (Clinton and Zemin, June 27, 1998)
-- by Tyler Marshall

Excerpts from the Clinton - Jiang News Conference (Tibetan autonomy, June 27, 1998)
-- Federal News Service

Former Clinton Supporter Feels Betrayed by Actions of the President Toward China
-- By Douglas Turner

Statement Regarding the Recognition of Martial Arts Actor Steven Seagal as a Tulku (Reincarnation)
-- by H.H. Penor Rinpoche

Steven Seagal Interview
-- by Stanley Weiser