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On the March 2008 Protests Against the China Crackdown in Tibet - April 2008
Buddhist monks and local people revolt to Chinese occupation and abuses of human rights.

VIDEO: Tibet’s ‘Wired Monks’ Report Abuse - Interview with The Tibet Connection's Lhakpa Khizom

In her latest vblog for BoingBoingTV, Xeni Jardin reports that nearly 600 Tibetan monks at Kirti Monastery in Amdo have been detained by PRC military forces, who confiscated their communication tools and forced them to participate in staged videos.

Using cell phones, these monks had photographed dead and injured participants during the March protests and disseminated the images to supporters outside Tibet, using connected computers and mobile devices. Jardin speaks with Tibet Connection radio producer Lhakpa Kyizom, who is based in Dharamsala, India, home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile.


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