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We were rewarded with beautiful views in the morning.   Although still extremely hot in the desert, sudden flash floods can suddenly rush down from the mountains, sometimes sweeping cars off highways.




The dorsal fin of the whale shark.  The whale sharks spend the majority of their time near the surface of the water. 

For several days, we went snorkeling in the waters with these friendly animals.  Often, the best way to view them was simply to float along the water with them and allow them to become comfortable with our presence.  Usually, they showed curiosity, often peering at us with the immense eye that was closest to us.   While we were snorkeling with the whale sharks, our friend, a documentary film maker, videotaped beneath the surface of the water. 

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The first day out in the water, one of the whale sharks actually swam towards the boat and rubbed up softly against the bottom. almost as if it wanted to scratch its back.   A streak of blue paint was clearly visible for the next several days.

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