Big Sur - Dublab Tonalism Show at Henry Miller, Pfeiffer Beach
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Chris, Laura, Lisa and I tried to visit the lighthouse.  We were late.  The cows knew this.  It was okay.  We'd go to Pfeiffer Beach.  Pfeiffer Beach was my favorite place in Big Sur, a must-visit every time I came here.

The hazy rays of the sun shines through one of the sea caves at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, the pink rocks at the bottom worn smooth by eons of surf pounding the rocks.

For the uninitiated, Pfeiffer Beach can be hard to find. The narrow lane is (usually) unmarked.

A couple tries to catch a glimpse of the elusive Big Sur Sea Monster.

Lisa easily makes friends.

And her new friend took a liking to her very quickly.

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur.

Chris and Laura and Lisa wandered throughout the beach.  And I did too, although I spent much of my time near the sea caves, transfixed by their beauty.

Hungry, we left Pfeiffer Beach.  I thought we'd go back to camp for more chicken sandwiches and bean dip, but Lisa had the Big Sur Bakery in mind.  A good choice, too, with excellent food and mushroom soup.

After our lunch, we wandered through the Big Sur Gardens next door.

I was immediately drawn to the Indonesian shakers in the Big Sur Gardens.  And apparently, everyone else was as well.  Frosty and the others from Dublab were there, and all of them seemed to be holding one or two of these shakers. 

To the left, clay bells at Big Sur Gardens.

Big Sur.

A succulent.  Yes, a succulent.

Stone buddhas in Big Sur Gardens.

We dropped in to Pfeiffer Beach for our second visit that day.  And why not?  The sun was now out, and we had only spent three hours there in the morning.  I wandered the beach as some surfed or climbed rocks or relaxed.

Lisa thought about the spaghetti dinner we were going to prepare later that evening and also wandered, shooting photos with her Nikon Coolpix.


Big Sur, May 2009
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