Brazil:  Amazon and Salvador da Bahia, July 2009
Jungle Football Games, Paddling Rio Mamori, Leaving Dolphin Lodge
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The football game in the jungle continued in the drizzle, the ball frequently kicked into the jungle brush.

The way back from the football game also involved spotting animals, hacking through branches, and speeding up the boat to plow through grassy areas. 

The reflective waters of a lagoon, seen while returning from the football game.

Cloudy sunsets are no less spectacular here in the Amazon, with the setting light playing upon the clouds over the Mamori River.

Dinner was quite good, with fish, spaghetti, rice, salad, and the ever-present manioc flour.  After that, another cold shower to get rid of the stickiness of the day.

6 July Monday - Morning in the lodge, with the much-needed protection of the mosquito net, and the clothes hanging on the railing outside in our valiant attempt to dry them.

It was our last day at the lodge, and we were sad to leave.  We had made some friends, and we loved the place.

Lisa and I made the dubious decision to paddle the little wooden canoe by ourselves, and paddled down the Rio Mamori.

However, paddling downstream proved to be far easier than upstream.  We paddled into the still waters of this beautiful lagoon, exploring the waters around this area.  However, going back up the Rio Mamori - or even to the side - proved to be difficult, its current turning us around.  We were grateful when someone from the Dolphin Lodge came to get us in the motorboat.

All iguana do is travel, take photos, and make music.  And  Brazil is an excellent place to do this. 

We said our goodbyes and made our way to the dock of Dolphin Lodge. 

We left Dolphin Lodge with a Brazilian family, all admiring the spectacular views along the Rio Mamori and the Amazon beyond.

Soon, our boat back to Manaus veered off from Rio Mamori, going up some of the smaller tributaries as epic clouds loomed over the forest.

Shortly after rounding the bend, the guy driving the boat was attacked by wasps while we made our way through denser foliage.  He was stung on his ear, neck, arm and leg.

Reflective trees.

EXTRA:  Lisa's Photos and Videos of the Amazon!!!

Brazil:  Amazon and Salvador da Bahia, July 2009
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EXTRA:  Lisa's Photos and Videos of the Amazon

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