Ecuador 2006:  The Andean Highlands

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The front door of the church at Isinlivi, carved by Don Bosco woodworking shop.

Isinlivi was noticeably cooler and less windy than Chugchilán, and equally beautiful. 

View near Isinlivi village, a charming village west of Latacunga.

There were no restaurants in Isinlivi, just a few markets.  I ate most of the time at Hostal Llullu Llama, especially since the food that Katrin was making was delicious.

One of the furry residents of Isinlivi (July 2006).



The next morning, I went on a two-hour waterfall hike, which drops down to the River Chasupe and makes a loop back to town.  This is one of the views along the way. 

One of the tiny waterfalls on the waterfall hike in Isinlivi.


After hiking down to the tiny waterfalls, the hike leads back up along some "cow trails" to a higher ridge which offer views such as this one.

More llamas than you can handle on the Llu Llove Llamas, I Llove Llamas Page.

So beautiful.  So nice.  So right.  

This farmhouse was situated in a curious place that looked almost like a giant bowl. 

After admiring the view on the ridge, I walked down several corn fields leading back toward Isinlivi.


View of one of the corn fields I passed through while taking a "path" down to Isinlivi.

As some of most of these hikes are not the kind with well-trodden paths and signposts, you kinda hafta make stuff up as you go along.

Later that day, Katrien, her 3-month old puppy Nina, and I went on a hike up to Cerro Nahuira peak at 3080m (Isinlivi is at 2900m). 



We were rewarded with beautiful views such as these on our way up to the Cerro Nahuira peak.

Still climbing up to Cerro Nahuira peak (3080m).

Katrien, an Andean woman, and the exuberant Nina.

View from Cerro Nahuira peak.  

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