Ecuador 2006:  The Andean Highlands


Welcome to the Middle of the World!

Ecuador's a small country, about the size of Nevada.  But despite its diminutive size, Ecuador has patchwork quilt fields clinging precariously to the Andes mountains, plunging canyons, towering volcanoes, deep jungles, sandy beaches, and wonderful people.  Excellent.

And if that weren't enough reason to go, we also had friends to visit in Quito, the second highest capital city in the world (after La Paz, Bolivia), at an altitude of 2850m (9300 ft).

I traveled solo to Chugchilán and Isinliví, two tiny little Andean villages west of Latacunga, relishing the fresh air and dramatic Andean countryside for the first two and a half weeks. 

Returning to Quito, I traveled with Lorenzo, the drummer in my band Nectarphonic, and his wife Naomi to Papallacta, Cuenca, and Vilcabamba for another three weeks before returning once more to Quito to hang out with our mutual friend Steve and Cathy and their 2-1/2-year old twins.


I don't know if it's an American thing or what, but I always get asked two things on my South American trips:  was the food hot, and did I get sick?  The answer for Ecuador, at least, is that the food was never spicy hot although many restaurants frequently provide salsa picante if you want to heat up your food a bit, and no, I did not get sick.

Follow the llamas!

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