India: Photos and Words

The view from the Tibetan temple, overlooking some of the Himalayan foothills and the part of the Tibetan settlement in Mussoorie. We met several Tibetans, including three monks, while visiting Mussoorie, and heard some of their first-hand stories about the Chinese occupation of Tibet, and their subsequent escape across the mountains.


On our way back from Mussoorie, we got into the holy city of Haridwar, along the Ganges River, at a very late hour. We were disappointed to find out that most of the ashrams were either full, or only took Indian citizens. Somehow, we managed to convince the night clerk at Jai Shri Ashram that we were indeed Indian citizens despite the fact that I am Chinese and Oran is black. I was immediately fascinated by this holy city, and wanted to stay an extra couple of days. Tom and Oran had to meet up with his family, and so I stayed behind. One of the people that I met was Bhagat, pictured here, who works to feed homeless Indians through one of the ashrams. He compared his ashram guru's selfless work to the deeds of Abraham Lincoln.

On the way to the market in Haridwar.                       



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