Hong Kong 1997

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After Kashmir, I visited my cousin in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong skyline from Victoria Peak.












                     Food market at night, Kowloon.

Simin, my cousin, and Mrs. Chow inspect some rather suspicious "jade" at the outdoor market in Kowloon. "Look, cousin Ken -- a genuine jade snow lion for only HK$7.00 (US$1.00)!!"

Hong Kong is perhaps the greatest free market in the world. Whether that continues is up to the Chinese government. In either case, the Hong Kong people are continuing on, albeit with a wary eye to the future.

Not having traveled to Hong Kong in eight years, I was shocked at the price increases within this time period! However, I always enjoy going to Hong Kong. To me, Hong Kong is a huge adrenalin rush, with its bewildering diversity of goods and restaurants.

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