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Nisar talking to the Gagroos next door on the Ajanta Palace Houseboat on Dal Lake.


Fayaz soaking in the serenity on the Ajanta Palace houseboat on Dal Lake (Nehru Park can be seen in the distance  ).

I revisited the alleged tomb of Jesus at Khanyar Rosabal.

There are quite a number of Biblical scholars in India, Kashmir, and the West who have found evidence in many ancient scriptures that indicate that Jesus survived the crucifixion and fled to India to rejoin the "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel. These books on this link are a small sampling of the multitude of books available on this subject.

There is evidence that not only suggests that Jesus may have survived the crucifixion, but actually makes it seem likely.

For instance, there is a strong connection between the Essenes and the Buddhists. Additionally, there is a great deal of written historical and physical evidence (including the Koran) to suggest that Jesus had already come to India between 13-29 years of age (the so-called "lost years of Jesus"), and then came back to India again after the crucifixion, and continued teaching right up until he passed away in Kashmir.

Many places and towns along the road that Jesus allegedly took to Kashmir are named after him.

This is the entrance to Khanyar Rosabal.

There are more photos of Khanyar Rozabal here.


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