India From Top to Bottom 2005:  From Kannyikumari to Kashmir

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Another view of this remarkable Hindu-Jesus shrine.

But not to worry, towards the end of this trip is another Hindu-Jesus shrine, this one in Bombay.

One of the most pleasant aspects of riding trains in India is the opportunity to meet some of the sweetest people. 

We met these wonderful people on a train ride between Coimbatore and the Hindu pilgrimage center of Palani.


A music school in Palani, where students learn to play the nagaswaram (a double-reeded woodwind instrument counterpart to the North Indian shehnai) to a droning shruti box while other students count out the 16-bar rhythm by clapping.

A shruti box is an electronic drone device that takes the place of a tamboura.

One of the holy pilgrims along the circumambulation path in Palani.  The path, 2 km in length, circles around the large granite hill of Palani.

Palani is one of my favorite places in India.  I love the large dome-shaped hill with the Malaikovil Temple perched on top and the views below, the whirlwind of activity that always accompanies a pilgrimage center, the festivities, the color, the curio shops, the temple elephants, and of course, the pilgrims themselves.

We were the only non-Indian tourists in Palani.  When we ate in restaurants, we always attracted crowds and curious looks - and very good service!!

Another pilgrim along the circumambulation path in Palani.



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