The Himalayas of India:  Ladakh and Srinagar, Summer 2013
My Kashmiri Family - Portraits From Around Dal Lake



Fayaz, my Kashmiri brother, with Dal Lake and Ajanta Palace Houseboat in the background.


Nazir and Mother.



Raja holding a baby whose name I do not know.

Gulman Ahmed.

Nazir and his grandson.

Santoshe, who works at the Ajanta Palace Group of Houseboats.

Khalid, helping out in the kitchen along with Fayaz and Nazia.

Fayaz preparing a chicken dish in the kitchen with Nazi making sure he doesn't burn the place down.

Haji, relaxing by Ajanta Palace Houseboat.

Sajid, Showkat, John, Jimmy.

One of the workers, sitting on left, along with Mother and Mugli.

Okay. That's his nickname. Okay. He also works at the Ajanta Group of Houseboats.

Jimmy with one of the kids whose parents work at the Ajanta Group of Houseboats.



Nisar, Mother, Nazir, and Sultan.

Khalid, Mother, Mugli, and...I'm not sure who that is.

Sajid and Mother.

Mother was born around the Wular Lake area. The Ajanta Palace Group of Houseboats has been run by the same family for four generations.

Nazia and Sajid.

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The Himalayas of India: Summer 2013


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