Joshua Tree National Park, February 2009 - Falling Planes and Joshua Trees on Valentine's Weekend
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Beyond the valley of the dam.

There's also a strong serenity in the trees, perhaps something that the Mormon settlers also felt when they named them Joshua Trees, their shape reminding them of a story in the Bible of where Joshua lifts his hands up to the heavens in prayer.

The alienscape of the Joshua Tree National Park.

Pyramids for sale along Amboy Road, on the way to Sapphire Ranch and, beyond that, The Palms.

The patio at the Cowboy Hideaway, a charming, Western-themed cabin with natural wood paneled interior, comfortable period correct furniture, cocktail bar and 50ís style kitchen with authentic all-steel cabinets, stove and chrome dinette, all the better to bring out your inner Roy Rogers.  Or spend Valentine's weekend away from the big city.  I'd move out to the desert here in a second if not for the heat and the dryness...

Lisa relaxes to a magazine and a DVD of Cosmos War of the Planets.


I ran outside in the cold night air to photograph this stunning red sky of the Wonder Valley, one of the things that keeps drawing us back to the desert.

Red skies at night, red skies at night
Wo oh, wo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

The Cowboy Hideaway in Wonder Valley, Sunday night.

Monday morning at the Cowboy Hideaway.

After another breakfast of Cocoa Pebbles (this is what happens when places stock the delicious cereal), we made our way back to Los Angeles in pouring rain, stopping by Hadley's for a date shake and Islamorada Fish House for lunch, grateful for no more planes crashing along the freeway.

Joshua Tree 2009
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