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Near Cap Rock, Joshua Tree National Park, as Year 20120 winds to an end.

Granite rock formations flanking Cap Rock in Joshua Tree National Park.

Beautiful skies over Cap Rock.

Crow, Joshua Tree National Park.

Near-freezing temperatures don't faze the birds, diving and flying near the jacuzzi of the house we rented near the West Entrance of Joshua Tree National Park.

Desert birds in flight.

Peering down the center of the glass table in the dining room, Joshua Tree.

The next photos are taken with a rubber Kid Tough Digital Camera from Fisher-Price, a pink waterproof toy camera.







I lined up this shot.  A rock climber walked past.  "Nice camera!"  Yeah.  Waterproof.  Rugged rubber that bounces off the toughest granitic rock.  He knew.  He knew only this camera could handle the rugged terrain.



A beautiful bonus of the Fisher-Price camera is the funny twirling sound it makes when turning the camera on and off, something my Nikon doesn't do.

A perfectly circular pool of water.  Did this occur naturally?  Or did the Cahuilla Native Americans create this for grinding corn?  Or is it the work of extraterrestrials?


Can you know the joy, the joy of having a pink rubber toy camera?

Rocks near Barker Dam as seen through cheap plastic lens.

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Joshua Tree, December 2010
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