Joshua Tree / Pioneertown, 10 September 2010
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Lisa and I slowly rolled through Friday night traffic to make it out to the desert, catching Gram Rabbit and Camper Van Beethoven at Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace for the Campout music festival. 

After the show, we arrived at the place where we were staying, Rimrock Ranch.  Although late, I couldn't pass up taking some long-exposure night photos, such as this one, exposed for 30 seconds at Rimrock Ranch, the light coming from the cabins nearby.

30-second exposure, ISO 200, f/5.6.

A truck from yesteryear at Rimrock Ranch, nine miles off the highway, past Pioneertown in the high desert, located at about 4600 ft. in elevation.

60-second exposure, ISO 200, f/5.6.

The next morning, we wandered into Joshua Tree National Park.

Joshua Tree National Park is always magical.

We returned mid-afternoon to relax at the very peaceful Rimrock Ranch.  We especially love the desert because of its beauty, quiet, and tranquility.  But never had I ever appreciated it as much as I did on this trip, where I needed this peacefulness to reduce my stress.

Camper Van Beethoven were filming a documentary at Rimrock Ranch.

The Hatch House, a 1600 square foot house that manages to combat the cold, dust, and heat of the high desert, with a steel canopy shielding it from the harsh desert sun. The 6-foot gap between the house and the canopy allows breezes to pass through on hot days, but in the cold nights prevents warmth from escaping.

The house is built on an enormous concrete slab, which keeps the interior temperature at comfortable levels all year round.  "The cold is more if an issue than the heat here at 4600 ft.," says owner Jim Austin.  The kitchen in the middle opens up to the outside. 

I grew fascinated with these doors, part of the fence near the entrance to Rimrock Ranch.

Greg Lisher and David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven. I spoke with Greg briefly, as we have a mutual friend in Santa Cruz.

More of the doors at Rimrock Ranch.

I especially love this photo, with the broken glass of the door window's juxtaposition with the serene desert landscape.

Rimrock Ranch, nine miles from the 62 Hwy., but as the crow flies, only ten miles from Big Bear Lake (!).

Owner Jim Austin says that he is going to convert this building into a recording studio, making certain to take extra measures to keep the dust out.  Especially with electronic equipment, dust is the enemy.

Cabin #3, with George bonding with the locals while having a banana.

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Joshua Tree / Pioneertown, September 2010
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