Joshua Tree:  Ludlow Ghost Town, Amboy, Pioneertown, and Long Exposure Light Painting, November 2011
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The golden desert sunset at Pioneertown.

George is a witty, fun traveling companion and enjoys the openness of the desert, and enjoys a tall cold Route Beer while watching the sun set in Pioneertown, California.

Pioneertown, CA. Night shot with light painting, keeping the shutter open for 7 minutes. I "light painted" the water tower and two Joshua Trees with an LED flashlight and my speedlight flash in the 40-degree weather.

You can see the lights of several cars whizzing past in the distance. The white streaks in the sky are stars. They appear as streaks due to the movement of the earth since the shutter was open for 7 minutes. Fun!!

Nikon D90, 18-200mm VR lens at 18mm, f/16, 421.8 seconds.

The next morning, we had a bit of rain, but went into Joshua Tree National Park anyway.

The amazing rocks of Joshua Tree National Park, California.

Quail Springs, Joshua Tree National Park, CA.

The otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree National Park, CA.

Joshua Tree National Park and the amazing, peaceful desertscape during Veteran's Day weekend, November 2011.

A little rain won't stop rock climbers going up the crevice of the world famous Intersection Rock in Joshua Tree National Park, CA. Intersection Rock is one of the most famous rock climbing rocks in North America, and a common meeting place for rock climbers.

It was drizzling a little bit, but I still wandered around Pioneertown, an Old West movie set built in the 1940s. It's also one of my favorite places to stay in the desert.

You can almost hear the Ennio Morricone soundtrack with this photo, taken in Pioneertown.

...and perhaps not so much of the soundtrack in this photo of this Pioneer pot-bellied pig.

Probably our future home out in the desert.

Pioneertown the next morning, a beautiful morning following the rainy Saturday.

Pioneertown, CA, near Joshua Tree. This photo was taken with an off-camera flash to give more detail to the stagecoach, using it for fill light.

This is one of my favorite areas near Joshua Tree. I love just walking around the area, which is very beautiful and very quiet.

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Joshua Tree: Ludlow Ghost Town, Amboy, Pioneertown, and Long Exposure Light Painting, November 2011
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