Joshua Tree Music Festival May 2007
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At the campground the Joshua Tree Music Festival, these guys had an endless supply of Cream CDs and beer to beat the heat of the dusty desert air.

Easily the best and most original sounding didgeridoo player I've heard, Ganga Giri, from Australia, takes his instrument to new places in a dance-fueled techno set.

Ganga Giri goes deep.


Tribal dancing under the stars (Ganga Giri).

Ganga Giri's groovy DJ lights some sage to begin the festivities.

Ganga Giri's set, Saturday evening at the Joshua Tree Music Festival, a beautiful setting in the star-lit desert.


Star children feeling the love with Ganga Giri.

The Cosmic and the Chemical, moving together to the deep grooves of Ganga Giri at the Joshua Tree Music Festival.

Victoria Williams lends her unique background vocals to "This Land Is Your Land" at Kidsville at the Joshua Tree Music Festival.  You can't have a festival in the desert without Victoria, after all.  I for one am happy that she appears everywhere, every time we go to the High Desert. Thank you, Victoria.

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