Khanyar Rozabal, The Alleged Tomb of Jesus, 1997 Video



Khanyar Rozabal Tomb, 1997

A tomb in Kashmir that some Biblical scholars and Kashmiris believe to be that of Jesus. I shot this herky-jerky hi-8 video in Aug 1997, and there is almost no narration...just simply a view of the tomb, the interior of which is now off-limits to foreigners as of 2005.

Yuz Asaph (Yus Assaf, Issa), a revered saint, is said to have traveled from Israel and finally put to rest here over 1900 years ago.  Some feel that this person is none other than Jesus, who they suggest survived the crucifixion and escaped to Kashmir to meet up with some of the "Lost Tribes" of Israel.  And indeed, many Kashmiris share the DNA of their Israelite brethren.  Footprint carvings left in the tomb indicate that the great saint had scars on both his feet.  Also found at Khanyar Rozabal (Roza Bal, Rauza Bal)) were a rosary and a cross.

Is it true?  I have no idea.  But like you, I love a great mystery.

Thanks for watching.

Several YouTube videos about Jesus in India.  Of particular interest is the BBC documentary.

Khanyar Rozabal Videos

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alternate spellings for Khanyar Rozabal and Yuz Asaf:  Kan Yar Rosa Bal, Rauza Bal; Youza Asouph, Yuz Assaf, Yus Asaf, युझ असफ, یوذسف), Judasaf, Yus Asaph, or Shahzada Nabi Hazrat Yura Asaf

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