Las Vegas In 24 Hours, 14-15 March 2009
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The next day, we drove out of the city, stopping at the Omelette House along the way, to Red Rock Canyon.  Perhaps after seeing Cher, we needed to see something natural.


This Vegas veteran shows a novel way to keep his van cool.

Red Rock Canyon in the mid-day sun.

This is its most noted feature, the Keystone Thrust Fault, the contact area easily visible by the sharp contrast between the grey limestones and the red sandstones.

Climbers inch up the red sandstone.

Picnickers enjoyed their carne asada under this tree, strains of Mexican accordion music wafting through the air.

Red Rock Canyon area, just before we turned around and joined the excruciating crawl of the 15 Fwy, taking hours just to get to Baker for - what else - another gyro sandwich.  The best gyro sandwich in the USA, I don't know, but they were good enough for a return visit.

Camera geeks:  I finally found my polarizing filter; all the outdoor photos on this trip are the first time I've used it!

Las Vegas In 24 Hours
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