Malibu 2006

Only a day after returning from our Nectarphonic tour of San Francisco, Lisa and I went to stay at a beach house in Malibu.  Lisa had done quite a bit of work in her job fundraising, and one of the main people at her work offered her a weekend stay at her beach house, a very generous acknowledgement of Lisa's hard work and dedication.  The beach house was gorgeous and comfortable, the weather good and warm.  Didn't matter that it was December.

The warm buttery glow of a Malibu sunset during our first evening there. 

The weather was in the 70s (F) for the entire weekend, not a fair thing at all when you realize that there's people shoveling the snow off their driveway on the East Coast while we take care not to get sunburn.  No, not fair at all.

"The present atmospheric conditions are clear and the surface temperature is warmer than the air," remarked Lisa as she gazed out at the horizon, "so we may be able to see the elusive Green Flash, caused by a refraction of light in the atmosphere, much like a prism, and enhanced by atmospheric inversions."

Can there be any doubt why I let this woman hang out with me?


Ooooh, aaaaaah.

Surfers catching the last rays of the sun...and some waves.

This was the second sunset during our stay in Malibu, a bit more cloudy but no less gorgeous than the first evening.

Beautiful walks along an empty beach at sunset - almost sounds like an eHarmony ad, doesn't it?

Admiring the Yangtze River from the beach house in Malibu.

As it turns out, this is the beach house in the movie "Spanglish" with Adam Sandler.

The dining room and kitchen, with the Pacific as the back yard.


Upstairs in the master bedroom, this seashell with Tibetan carving caught my eye.

Malibu 2006

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