Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios - Recording A Soundtrack to "Nowhere", December 2010
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Filmmaker Ben Wolfinsohn wanted to record some soundtrack music at Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios.  David Scott Stone would be providing the music. He had just gotten off a year-long tour with LCD Sound System and was happy to record something.

Ben is probably best known for his documentary "Friends Forever", a film about a band that never plays in clubs, but instead puts on smoke-spewing generator-powered shows from inside their well-traveled van to stunned audiences outside of rock clubs.  Seeing this band was always something special, and Ben's film captured their energy and experience extremely well.

Dave carried in this gigantic Synthesizer Technologies modular synthesizer, barely fitting in the Blueberry Buddha control room.

This page of photos is admittedly mostly gear porn.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Dave manipulated his Tube Tape Echo to create otherworldly sounds for Ben's soundtrack.  Ben is currently filming a movie called "Nowhere".  You can see the trailer near the bottom of this page, and that's very sweet of me.

This photo is taken in the "drum room" (my girlfriend calls it a "living room"; it's really all about one's perspective, innit?), where we miced up the various amps, which you can see in the distance.

Dave playing a Danelectro baritone guitar...and no, this is not my guitar either, although I do have the exact same model.  That is, however, my duct-taped eBow that Dave is playing...because everything always goes better with an eBow.  Ben and Dave were interested in evoking the tone and texture of a violin for one particular scene, and I busted out the eBow, a device that causes infinite sustain by continually vibrating the guitar strings.  When I was playing guitar in a band, that eBow suffered a couple of falls on stage, hence the tape.

Ben Wolfinsohn looks on as Dave plays my bass through my Vox ToneLab LE and a DigiTech Jimi Hendrix Experience Artist Series pedal, which may be discontinued, but is still put to good use here at the studio.

The recording of the soundtrack went well, and Ben was pleased with the results that we captured. 


"Nowhere" film trailer
A darkly comic tale of five screwed-up kids on an outward-bound style wilderness expedition. But when the counselor disappears, stranding them in a 10 million acre forest, will they have what it takes to survive?

Directed by Ben Wolfinsohn; written by Debby Wolfinsohn; produced by Jake Blattner, Michael Adam Hamilton, Ben Wolfinsohn, Debby Wolfinsohn; written by Debby Wolfinsohn; executive producers Jenny Daly, Pierluca De Carlo, Michael Adam Hamilton, Joe Masi; cast in order of appearance Zachary ray sherman, Kirk mouser, Michael Waller, Michael Adam Hamilton, Merette Bartles, Paulina Laurant; director of photography Raoul Germain; editors alisa lipsitt, Ben Wolfinsohn, Debby Wolfinsohn; production designer samuel casebolt; co-PRODUCERS Tom Demko, Garin Nopp; casting Eryn Goodman, Lana Veenker

Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios - Recording A Soundtrack To A Movie

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