Dayo and Bryan @ Mad Dog Studios, 19 December 2009
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Dayo called me up.  "Do you want to visit Bryan tomorrow?"  "Tomorrow" was my birthday, and I hadn't seen Bryan in a few years, so yeah, that sounded like a great way to spend my birthday.  We hung out at Mad Dog Recording Studios in Burbank for a few hours, and I took out the Leica compact camera for a few shots.

Bryan Carlstrom and Dayo.


Bryan was working on a mix with artist Peter at Mad Dog.

Bryan has accumulated a lot of stuff, including something like 30 Summit mic preamps, Summit EQs, an SSL desk, Manley monitors and other gear, Distressors, and who knows what else.  Most of this stuff, he purchased in the '90s when he was working with Dave Jerden.

The SSL is from the '80s, and Bryan still uses floppy disks to store automation. When he's running Pro Tools and not tape, he's still sending stuff through the console and outboard gear, not using very many plugins.


I never looked to see what this was, but if I had to guess, probably a U67.

Amp room of Mad Dog.  Bogner, Fender, Marshall, Hi-Watt, Matchless, etc. 

Dayo and I recorded his project, "Lords and Peasants", at Track Records in North Hollywood many years ago, and Bryan tracked and mixed most of it.  I have nothing but great memories of those recordings, as we had a great time and got some great sounds.

Bryan Carlstrom has worked with Dave Jerden for years, notably recording Alice in Chain's "Dirt", as well as Rob Zombie, The Offspring, Social Distortion, Poe, Filter, Public Image LTD, Stabbing Westward, Love Spit Love, 4 Non-Blondes, Billy Idol, Crosby Stills & Nash, LA Philharmonic, Ednaswap, Sacred Reich, and Anthrax.

One recording date, we had to set up our equipment around Billy Idol's equipment, who had a lock-out at Track Records.


Bryan, cigar in hand, putting final tweaks on the SSL console for Peter's music.

Bryan and Peter at Mad Dog Studios in Burbank, CA.

Dayo, Bryan, and me at Mad Dog Studios.

I later went to hang out at Rosalind's Ethiopian Restaurant with a few friends, capping off a great birthday.

Dayo and Bryan @ Mad Dog Studios

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