Linda Perhacs Band Songwriting, Recording, Performing, June-November 2010
Dublab, Echo Park, and Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios


Dublab was celebrating its 11th year, and held its bi-annual Proton Drive fundraiser to continue sending beautiful vibrations around the world.  And the Linda Perhacs band made an appearance.  Although Linda didn't actually sing, she was in the studio, talking about her music.  Julia Holter, Michelle Vidal, and Aaron Robinson performed some of Linda's songs from "Parallelograms".  Dublab also played three new Linda Perhacs songs, "Delicious", "Prisms of Glass" (recorded at my studio, Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios), and "Intensities".

Linda asked me not to publish any photos of her yet, so sorry, maybe later.


UStream video of the Linda Perhacs Band performing at Dublab, 18 November 2010, featuring Linda talking about her music, and the playing of three new songs.

Aaron @ Dublab, 19 November 2010, performing 'If You Were My Man" from "Parallelograms", an acid-folk album released in 1970 by Linda. A murky master and no label promotion left Linda disillusioned, and she returned to her career as a dental hygienist.

The three songs that we are recording will be for the first album released since that time.

Mark "Frosty" McNeill of Dublab, interviewing Linda.  Mark and Dublab curated a tribute show to Linda Perhacs which included Linda performing a couple of her songs, her first live performance ever.  I met her after the beautiful performance. "What do you do?" she immediately asked?  "I have a recording studio and play analog synthesizers," I replied.  "We have to talk," she replied, and wrote down her phone number.

Julia performing @ Dublab.  Julia, along with Adam Von Passow, were the first two people to begin recording with Linda Perhacs at Blueberry Buddha in late 2009.

Michelle the Peruvian Goddess @ Dublab.

Julia @ Dublab.


(hope you like the photos, kingairpilot)


I wanted to share with you some photos of songwriting and recording sessions from earlier this year.  This first one is from 6 June 2010 at Aaron's Echo Park house. In May, Linda had asked me to begin photographing some of the songwriting, arranging, and recording sessions.  She asked me not to publish any photos of her in these sessions as well.

Julia @ Aaron's house in Echo Park, working on "Intensities" with Robbie, Aaron, Michelle, Linda and I, 6 June 2010.

Below - Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios during the recording of Linda, Michelle, and Julia's vocals for "Intensities", a percussive electro-pop song with percussion eventually recorded and produced by We Are The World's Robbie Williamson, 23 May 2010.

Aaron @ Blueberry Buddha, 23 May 2010.

Below - 16 May 2010 songwriting collaboration between Linda, Michelle, Julia, Aaron, Robbie and I at Aaron's Echo Park home.

Aaron, 16 May 2010, trying out a slide dobro part for an instrumental break in "Intensities" in what ended being a percussive electro-pop song worked out by Robbie.

Michelle and Aaron, 16 May 2010, Echo Park.

Aaron, Julia, and Robbie Williamson, all of whom performed at the REDCAT with Linda Perhacs last fall.

Robbie, along with We Are The World, performed "Moons and Cattails" with an amazing dance troupe.

Aaron also performed at REDCAT, playing guitar on "Parallelograms" with Linda and serving as de facto musical director.

Michelle and Aaron, 16 May 2010, Echo Park.

Linda Perhacs Band Songwriting, Recording, Performing, June-November 2010

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