ECF Art Gallery Opening, 8 November 2008, Los Angeles

The Exceptional Children's Foundation had its Downtown Art Center Gallery opening on Saturday, 8 November. All of the art is created by adults with developmental disabilities.  Approximately 90 artists’ work are represented, and all sales will benefit the artists and the ECF Art Center.

The gallery's opening was featured on KNBC news.

Scott and Allen at the ECF Art Gallery opening.

One of the 90 artists whose work is represented.

ECF’s Art Center has provided adults with developmental disabilities a nurturing artistic environment, professional art training, and studio facilities since 1968. Over the years, the Art Center has received numerous awards and is nationally recognized for leadership in demonstrating that developmentally disabled individuals have the ability to excel in producing fine art. Art Center participants range in age from 18 to 65 and often have multiple disabilities.

Milton displaying his artwork.

Brian, Shirley, and Barbara at the ECF Art Gallery opening.

The opening drew large appreciative crowds throughout the evening.

Several Board members enjoy the opening.

Vera stands proudly by her painting.

Our friends Adam, Jill, and Leroi showed up at the gallery opening.  Adam pointed out the shadows of the trees and traffic signs on the outside wall of the gallery during a full moon.  Not all the art was on the inside, after all.

The Exceptional Children's Foundation's Downtown Art Center and Gallery, located at 828 Main Street

ECF Art Gallery Opening, November 2008

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