Flea Plays Jazz at Cal Tech, 23 January 2009

Chris invited us to go to see Flea playing a free concert at CalTech's Beckman Auditorium with their jazz bands, playing trumpet to such tunes as Blue Train, Some Skunk Funk, Take the A Train, Basin Street Blues, El Macho Muchacho, and Billie's Bounce, as well as new musical arrangements by Les and Elliot Deutsch...

...while not forgetting the instrument that he's most famous for with the Chili Peppers.

Flea appeared nervous at first, later telling the audience that he was "kinda terrified", but sounded good.  William Bing, Director, presents him with a toy set of golf clubs at the end of the evening's performance as the Thursday jazz band, literally filled with employees of CalTech, JPL, and NASA, look on in amusement.

Flea Plays Jazz at Cal Tech

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