I met Jimmy Page.  Yeah, that's right.  June 2009

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Director Davis Guggenheim filmed a documentary movie, "It Might Get Loud", featuring Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White hanging out and playing music together. I had seen the press screening earlier in the week with Christal.  The movie was really really good.

My journalist friend Christal, through the Huffington Post, was able to attend a press conference and obtain a one-on-one interview with Jimmy Page, Jack White, and director Davis Guggenheim...and she invited me to accompany her as her photographer!!!!!

I'm usually not in fanboy mode, but this was Jimmy Page, one of my favorite guitarists, from Led Zeppelin, one of my favorite bands, and he was notoriously reclusive.

I got there early and sat with some other journalists.  One journalist mentioned that he couldn't sleep at all the night before, and asked me if I could take a photo with him and Jimmy if the opportunity arose (it didn't).  Everyone was genuinely excited.  I was twitching with nervous energy beforehand, repeatedly checking my camera to make sure it was working.

We talked about our favorite scenes from "It Might Get Loud."  I especially loved the scene in Jimmy Page's home where he lovingly took out a Link Wray record from his very large record collection, put it on the turntable, and smiled profusely while playing "air guitar" to every strum and tremolo..."wobbles," he called them.  Page, still ever a music fan.  Perfect.

Here's two other observations from the movie about Jimmy Page:
- He looks healthy and happy and lucid
- He sometimes comes across as aristocratic (not in a pompous way, but in a gracious way)

Eventually, the press conference began.  We were seated.  Jimmy Page, Jack White, and Davis Guggenheim came in and were seated in the front.  The press conference was on.

left:  Jack White

Jimmy Page fields questions from the press.

We had been told beforehand by his publicist not to ask any questions about Led Zeppelin reunions.  It bothers him when it's brought up, she had said.  I could think of whole reams of "inappropriate" questions I could ask, but no, I was there to take photos and keep my mouth shut.  I just felt lucky to be at the press conference!

Jimmy Page at the press conference for "It Might Get Loud", a movie in which he shares stories about guitar playing with Jack White and The Edge, the three of them eventually playing each other's songs.  One of my favorite scenes from the movie is the three of them playing "In My Time of Dying".

Jimmy Page at the press conference, June 2009.  He was extremely friendly and graciously fielded questions from the press.

Jimmy Page, guitarist for Led Zeppelin and The Firm.

Jack White, Davis Guggenheim, and Jimmy Page at the press conference for "It Might Get Loud". 

Davis Guggenheim and Jimmy Page.

After half an hour, the press conference was over.  The left.  I was elated.  I had managed to kneel next to the front row for the entire press conference, shooting photos unimpeded.  I couldn't ask for a better day.

Outside, though, Christal was upset.  "We're not on the list for the one-on-one!" 

"One-on-one?  An interview?"  I had no idea.

"Yes, we're supposed to have a one-on-one interview with the three of them, but my name's not on the list!"

We asked several organizers. "The Huffington Post doesn't usually do press conferences," Christal pointed out, "so we won't be able to do an article."

One woman who seemed to know and respect Christal, said, "I'll get you in for five minutes.  But just five minutes!"

"We'll do it in 4:45," Christal said, "I've been on both sides of this.  We'll be out of there in 4:45."  They knew Christal, and knew that she would be good to her word.

I could not believe my luck.

Mere minutes later, we entered the room.  Everyone was fussing with the microphones, doing things.  "Hello gentlemen," I said.

Jimmy turned to me and said, "Didja take a picture?" 

"Yes, yes, I did, thanks."  I had taken a LOT of pictures.

"I saw you in the 4th row, it didn't look like you took a photo," he said.  I was incredulous.  I was indeed in the 4th row.  And I hadn't taken a photo there.  This was because I had been kneeling in the front row for almost the entire time until returning to my seat when we were all asked to take photos row by row.

Christal and I couldn't help ourselves.  We took photos with Jimmy and Jack really quickly before Christal got on with the interview.   

Three guitar heroes, the new G3: 

Jimmy Page, Ken Lee, and Jack White.

Preparing to interview Jimmy Page, Jack White, and Davis Guggenheim (not pictured).

Christal of The Huffington Post preparing her notes for her one-on-one interview with Jimmy Page, Davis Guggenheim, and Jack White.

Christal with Jimmy Page and Jack White.

Christal with Jimmy Page and Jack White.

Christal of The Huffington Post interviewing Jimmy Page.

And we left. 4 minutes and 45 seconds, as Christal had promised.

"It Might Be Loud" was scheduled for an August 2009 release, two months later.  That's when Christal's article for The Huffington Post would appear, along with some of these photos!!!

Jimmy Page, Ken Lee, and Jack White: part of a new G3 guitar god supergroup.

I met Jimmy Page.  Yeah, that's right.  June 2009.

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