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Kinetic sculpture races are organized contests of human-powered amphibious all-terrain works of art, often hilarious, and typically designed by the contestants. I found the people as interesting as the kinetic sculptures, here at the 15th Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race in Ventura, CA.

Enjoy the sights of this humorous event...


Gnome Power!!!!


Emerging from the water during the aquatic part of the race. They would race in water, sand, figure-eight on the parking lot of the Ventura Harbor, and finally, through the mud. My gnome friend and his wife had a great time.

I had a great time, meeting up with Chris, Nora, and Dave from a photography meetup group, eating at a Greek restaurant and enjoying chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream afterwards, and taking lots of photos of this fun event.

I had seen the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Ferndale a long time ago, and this was a scaled down but no less fun version of it.


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