10th Annual Lantern Festival, Los Angeles CA, 5 March 2011
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The Chinese American Museum sponsored the 10th annual Lantern Festival on 5 March 2011.  Located near Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles, the event was a fun mixture of cultures.  I decided it'd be fun to wear my black lucha libre hoodie.

Shaolin martial artists from Bruce Wen and Associates  prepare for the stage on what was a gorgeous Southern California day.

I love hanging out with other artists, including photographers, and belong to a couple of photography groups that meet to photograph events or even simply discuss photography.  I met the night photography group, but also ran into Chris and James and several others from the street photography group.

Many people, including some with monkey backpacks, turned out for the Lantern Festival.

Chinese folk dance performers from the Hope Dance Studio.

Nice baby clothes.

More fun kids.  Apparently the Lantern Festival attracts a lot of fun kids.

Lanterns in the alleyway near the Chinese American Museum.

Sometimes, the most interesting aspects of a festival do not occur on the stage.

Near the front of the stage at the Lantern Festival.

Chinese shadow theatre, a beautiful marionette show, which enthralled the audience.

An er-hu player takes the stage between shadow puppet plays.

Another view of the er-hu player at the Lantern Festival.

More beautiful shadow theatre.  Absolutely gorgeous, it was difficult to rip myself away from the performance.  But I also was fascinated by what was going on behind the scenes.

Shadow theatre masters behind the screen.

In the middle of her performance, the artist communicates with one of the three other marionette masters.

The Silver Dragon Stage Parade, signaling the end of the Lantern Festival.

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10th Annual Lantern Festival, 5 March 2011
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